Water Water Water

“Agriculture is the life blood of Tulare County and the Board of Supervisors must do more to ensure our farmers have adequate resources. I believe in more water storage, more transportation, and working with farmers to come up with voluntary conservation solutions.”

Fiscal Responsibility

“It is your taxpayer’s dollars, not the government’s, and I will work hard to ensure that your money is spent conservatively, efficiently, and at your guidance.”

Public Safety

“Public safety is a number one responsibility of the Board of Supervisors. I pledge to fight gang activity, farm theft, and drug crime. I will work hard to allocate the resources needed to the Sheriff and Fire Departments to keep us safe."

A Voice for You

“It is not the job of an elected official to impose his will, but to listen to the members of the community and serve the community’s needs. That is why I pledge my door will always be open and I will be your voice.”